5 symptoms of paradentosis

Published: 02nd March 2011
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The early signs of paradentosis could be a bit difficult to detect. However, there are possible signs that you should look out for just in case you suspect that you have this disease.

1. One of the common signs is having localized pain in the teeth. You can often feel a sharp and throbbing pain around the teeth and gum areas. There is constant pain in the upper and lower molars.

2. Your gums are sore and tender to touch. They can bleed and become swollen. You go through a lot of discomfort. There is the presence of pus between your teeth and gums which add more pain and swelling. You would have difficulties in chewing or biting your food.

3. Toothache accompanied by fever is also a sign of the disease. You experience bad breath and foul taste in your mouth. The fever can also be considered as actually a symptom that your immune system is resisting the infection.

4. Stinging pain of teeth and gums whenever you drink cold water. This is an early sign of the disease. If stinging pain continues for quite some time, then you already have the disease.

5. Development of dental pockets around the bottom of the teeth base. This is a symptom of tissue degeneration caused by paradentosis. There is space between your teeth. Your teeth may appear longer as the gums have receded. This could eventually lead to premature loss of teeth.

These are the danger signs of paradentosis. However, you can prevent these from happening if you take good care of your teeth and gums.

It always boils down to good oral hygiene. The habit of proper brushing of teeth is always an important factor to help prevent paradentosis. Then flossing follows to eliminate tiny bits of food particles imbedded between the teeth. A good mouth wash is also recommended to effectively cleanse the mouth of bacteria that also cause paradentosis.

A good healthy diet is also needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. Your teeth and gums need nutrients and vitamins that can be found in foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and poultry. Then accompany all this with a healthy lifestyle and you have the proper care of your physical health and oral health as well. Too much smoking and too much alcohol can damage your teeth and can lead to tooth decay, then eventually to paradentosis.

It is essential to cure the underlying causes of inflamed gums and teeth to prevent serious complications. These signs are the common ones you can use to find out if you have paradentosis. Don’t wait for the condition to get more serious. You must see your dentist right away to avoid further damaging effects. Better yet, properly practice and maintain good oral hygiene throughout your lifetime, see your dentist for regular dental care and live a healthy life style. These are so far the best ways to reduce and prevent paradentosis.

The word for treatment of paradentosis in Danish is Behandling af paradentose and if you would like to learn what the most effective one is, visit this Danish website. Use Google Translator if you can't translate it. If you need to know how you should take care of the oral hygiene of your baby, read this article.

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